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Aren’t you tired of getting less than you expect and deserve?

Do you feel unsure about visiting the betting sites in India, concerned about the country’s strict regulations towards betting and gambling institutions?

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Are you afraid of being scammed for the money you diligently earn, of feeling the joy of a victorious bet and disappointment of getting no payout for it, with no hope to sort this out?

Pari match is determined to see no one else suffering these situations

Or do you mentally roll the eyes, imagining the sites with an eye-hurting design, intrusive ads popping out here and there, an environment you can hardly navigate and find what you need? Or thinking about the low performance, freezing, and crashing when you are getting ready to make money transferrings. 

Sadly, all this is a pretty frequent case, even in the fast-developing and highly competitive market. As a conscientious user, you would probably search for the expert reviews of the betting platforms in search of the most reliable one. Or you can go to the Parimatch official site and see the Quality with your own eyes!

Parimatch India is the best place to spend a great time

Parimatch is a global and trustworthy online betting site, with more than 25 years of reputation and a customer base of over 15 million people in a number of countries on different continents. There are many reasons to get started in a place like this, such as: 

  • Parimatch India offers the largest list of sports events, from dozens of disciplines;
  • there is a great casino, with incredible games;
  • there is a 5-star customer support team;
  • people can take advantage of numerous additional features;
  • plus, many other surprises that people are welcome to discover by themselves! 

Parimatch is a global and trustworthy online betting site, with more than 25 years of reputation and a customer base of over 15 million people in a number of countries on different continents. 

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The first thing that should be mentioned is that online betting is not illegal or punishable in India, so you shouldn’t be worried about the consequences of your virtual betting hobby. 

Parimatch betting is allowed in many countries around the world

Moreover, an important fact about the Parimatch bookmaker is that it is officially licensed in many countries, such as Moldova, Cyprus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and others, so that’s its activity is supervised, regulated, and recognized as matching the world standards. This guarantees safety above all and guarantees that your personal info and money are protected. It should also be stated that many independent agencies have given a vote of confidence to Parimatch by giving it proper licensing, such as: 

  • the Malta Gaming Commission;
  • the United Kingdom Gambling Commission;
  • and even eCOGRA! 

For this reason, playing at Parimatch not only is an exciting experience, but also a very safe one to enjoy, as the entirety of this Parimatch India review will prove.

Parimatch sports betting in India is also very simple due to the large number of payment methods accepted

The money crediting and withdrawal involve the payment options most widely used in India. Those are bank credit and debit cards, e-Wallets, and others. As you carefully input the payout data, you won’t have to worry about your money accurately and swiftly reaching the destination point.    

 Let’s summarize the most important aspects of the available payment methods at this platform: 


Payment methods available Credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, electronic payment systems
Amount of time to see payments reflected Instant
Amount of time to see withdrawals reflected 1-5 days

And what’s more, there are some little pleasant things to make the Indian players feel comfortable: the payments available in Indian rupees, the possibility to translate the website from English to Hindi, and all the sports most appreciated in India on the sportsbook. It should also be stated that there are many other languages on which people can enjoy the website, such as: 

  • Swedish;
  • French;
  • Russian;
  • Spanish;

and many others!

These peculiarities make the millions of Indian users consider Parimatch bookie a great provider of an environment to bet on sports online.

Why is Parimatch sports betting in India so popular

Sports betting in India

India is an extremely sports-loving nation, and it is natural that sports betting has become a pleasing complement to sports watching, in order to get more emotions and even a gain. Thus, at Parimatch, all of your favorite sports are available for your enjoyment: big tennis and table tennis, football, basketball, kabaddi, cricket, box and many others – in total, more than 20 kinds of sport. And in each category, there are matches of all the most (and also the least) popular national leagues, world championships, and tournaments. Virtual sports and e-sports like Overwatch, League of Legends, Starcraft, or CS:GO specifically for computer games fans are also on the Parimatch sportsbook.

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Types of wagers available at the bookmaker Parimatch

At Parimatch India you have a chance to place on only pre-match, but also live bets on a variety of ongoing sporting events from various competitions worldwide. For each match, the statistics on how the events are moving and which team has the advantage are given. The current match information gets updated virtually every 60 seconds to give the viewers the most precise view of the game and help them make true and well-considered predictions. However, it must also be said that there are many other features that can be enjoyed, such as: 

  • past scores;
  • highly detailed statistics;
  • rankings and tables;
  • and even live streamings! 

All of this can have significant contributions towards highly successful wagers in the Parimatch platform.

This betting site in India is extremely simple to use

Parimatch India official site

Parimatch India official website is designed in a simple and user-friendly style, focusing on dark basic colors that reduce eye strain, with ad addition of some vivid details to them. 

The main navigation panel centered at the bottom of the page gives instant access to any category and page of interest. But, those who want to find a specific match in this betting site in India can perform the following procedure: 

  • find at the left hand side of the screen a sports discipline among the dozens available;
  • the center screen will show the most relevant matches of that discipline being played at that time;
  • if the match in question is not featured there, it is possible to find countries and leagues also on the left-hand side of the screen;
  • but also, there is always possible to use the Search function! 

All of these features can prove that Parimatch is a great platform that also is very simple to use, as any Parimatch India review can attest.

REGISTRATION to start enjoying the Parimatch India official website

The registration process at Parimatch is not complex at all and takes just a couple of minutes. To sign up and start using all the betting platform features, simply click on the yellow button at the top right of the screen saying “Sign up”. In the short registration form that you will be directed to, you will be asked to input some information, including the desired password and phone number to link the account to it, that will also give a chance to recover the password. After that, you will be asked to navigate to your account page, and provide some extra personal details, such as desired payment option, currency, in which the money transferring operations will be carried out, and the document, verifying your identity: the is a compulsory precautionary measure to safeguard the side from frauds. At last, right after verifying your freshly created and updated Parimatch account, you can log in and start exploring the services and promotions.


Mobile betting

For those who prefer the convenience, light weight, and mobility of tablets and smartphones, the hyperlink in the “Apps Android/iOS” section will lead to the page where it is possible to get the Parimatch mobile application.

System requirements to start making mobile betting at Parimatch India

Before describing the installation process, let’s discuss the system requirements of this software: 


Compatible operating systems iOS, Android
Compatible versions of Android and iOS Android 4.1 or higher, iOS 7.1 or more recent
Internet connection required? Yes
Minimum storage space available 20 MB

The interests of both Apple iOS and Android users have been respected: the applications for both platforms possess all the characteristics of qualitative sports betting app, in particular:

  • a modern design, analogous to that of the desktop version;
  • easy and efficient navigation, without complicated or misleading details;
  • the entire functionality and offers of the Parimatch desktop version, wrapped in a user-friendly container;
  • high speed and productivity, without infinite loading, freezes, and malfunctioning. 

Additionally, a mobile version of the Parimatch website is also implemented properly: it is responsive to different devices (tablets and smartphones) and browsers and is equally comfortable to use.

The Indian bookie provides an indispensable welcome bonus for the newcomers, doubling your first payment, no matter how small it is, and up to 8,000 Rs! No bonus codes are needed – you are thanked and awarded simply for confiding into Parimatch. But this is not the end, as regular users are valued and encouraged likewise. Not to miss any offers, surely check out the «Promo» section from the main menu – it gets updated with new proposals very often. 

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Parimatch betting Odds

The betting odds are the first thing that a bettor, in order to make a profit from his hobby, needs to get a deep understanding of. Namely, the odds are responsible for showing the likelihood of an event to occur, and how much you can earn on the successful outcome.

Is Parimatch legal in india?

The question on whether Parimatch legal in India is not so simple to address. Currently, the bookmaker is licensed by many other organizations around the world, such as:

  • eCOGRA;
  • the United Kingdom Gambling Commission;
  • and many others!

On the other hand, there are many countries that allow the platform to operate and its users to make Parimatch sports betting, without giving an explicit license to it, such as:

  • Moldova;
  • Cyprus;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • and many others!

To properly know whether Parimatch legal in India or not it is necessary not to look at a country level, but at a territory level. But in general, making Parimatch betting in India is totally safe.

Conclusions of this Parimatch India review

At the Parimatch bookmaker site in India, the odds can reach a very high rate, up to 95%. Thanks to the Parimatch exclusive “Live betting” and “Live results” features, a bettor can keep track of the sporting event while it’s still in progress, watching the odds change, responding to the predictions and actions of other viewers, and make a final live bet at the most suitable moment of full certainty and the odds reaching its highest rate. Live wagering is accessible regardless of how many minutes are left before the game finishes. 

With all the things reviewed, betting at Parimatch appears to be easy, fast, and convenient. Give it a try and see if this platform is what you were searching for!

FAQ about Parimatch betting in India

Why is Parimatch sports betting in India such a great idea?

There are many things that contribute to the amazing status that Parimatch currently enjoys among sports fans, who every day come to make Parimatch betting in India. Some of the main aspects are: 

  • its great selection of sports;
  • its spectacular bonuses and incentives;
  • its unique mobile platforms;
  • and many other surprises! 

For this reason, everybody wishing to have a great wagering experience, should start making Parimatch sports betting in India.

What sports are supported in the Parimatch live sports betting section?

All disciplines covered by Parimatch betting are covered in this area, which is available exclusively for those who make Parimatch login. This means that punters will be able to enjoy the platform to wager in sports like: 

  • football;
  • tennis;
  • cricket;
  • MMA/UFC;
  • and many others! 

For this reason, no matter what is the favorite discipline of a specific punter. All of them will be able to make spectacular Parimatch live sports betting. Also, the Parimatch virtual sports shouldn’t be underestimated.

Is it possible to make Parimatch virtual sports betting?

Yes, at any moment users can enjoy thousands of Parimatch virtual sports options.

What additional features can be enjoyed when making live Parimatch sports betting?

The Parimatch India official website is determined to make its members feel almost as if they were participating in the sports matches that they watch. For this reason, there are many additional live features, such as: 

  • live scores and data;
  • and even live streamings! 

Both of these features are available exclusively for members of the bookmaker Parimatch.

Does Pari Match have official mobile applications of its own?

Yes, there are official Pari Match apps for Android and iOS. From there it is also possible to make a registration Parimatch.