IPL 2023 Dates & Schedule Updates

A legend IPL 2023 is very close to the opening! Players, as well as cricket fans, are conducting a tremendous preparation. It seems the whole world has held the breath in expectations on what IPL 2023 will bring this year. Even the situation with Covid-19 can’t distract fan’s eagerness to follow the IPL tournament and get as many as possible insights about the league itself and the participating teams and players. That’s why we are here to provide you with the first-sourced information about the upcoming worldwide event.

The last season of IPL showed the wavering situation within the country as well as around the globe. Many cases of coronavirus-infected people occurred in some states in India. For this reason, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) decided to host the IPL 2023 tournament in the UAE. There the teams could feel secure and tried to reach their goals under the pressure of an appropriate condition. But they did quite well, and the entire IPL tournament was exciting and representative.

The same winning spirit we are expecting from IPL 2023 competition. The first thing that matters to every fan and the seasoned bettor is the starting date of IPL 2023 and the league’s duration. Previously, around the beginning of 2023, BCCI, in one of the meetings, announced the start of IPL 2023 on March 28th. But very soon, they changed the date to April 11th, 2023. They justified such a decision to allow other domestic matches to end up till that date. So, IPL 2023 is tentatively to start on April 11, 2023, and finish on June 6th, 2023. Of course, this information is still to be discussed and confirmed by keeping track of India’s pandemic situation by IPL officials. In the first week of March 2023, BCCI and IPL Governing Council (IPL GC) are planning to meet again and finally reach a mutual conclusion about the dates and schedule of IPL 2023.

When it comes to the IPL schedule, every fan is interested in the venue each match of the league will be held. Currently, IPL officials are thinking of conducting this season in India for sure and have determined approximately five cities ready to accept the teams — Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, and Ahmedabad. They were willing to include Mumbai on the list of IPL 2023 venues, but they can’t because of the unsafe situation.

Moreover, to keep the players safe and not travel much across the country, BCCI also offered to stick to a caravan mode. It supposes to divide the teams into two groups. Thus, each group will play a certain number of matches in one city and then move to another city to partake in another contest.

As the IPL 2023 mini-auction occurred on the 18th of February 2023, each team’s squad is already available for fans’ massive audience. So, there is much time for fans to dive into each player’s history, especially bought ones, and evaluate the current strong and weak points of each team. Then, to think on what type of cricket bets is the best to place on scheduled matches in IPL 2023. And there is time for players to get fit and energy to compete in a series of matches and reach the final. The new players should get closer to teammates to follow the same goal and work out in the same way.

Though the schedule of IPL 2023 matches was previously created sticking to the date April 11th, 2023, the order of contests between determined teams will be the same. Only the time and venues of each match will be edited when we get the updates soon.