What is Simulated Reality League – Complete Guide to the new sports betting trend

These are not good times for betting and live sports, as almost all traditional sporting events have been continuously cancelled and the whole world is in quarantine mode and self-isolation. Even though live events have been suspended, rescheduled or even cancelled, there is no quarantine in cyberspace, but quite the opposite: a tremendous influx of users due to self-isolation. In this context, Sportradar launches new product named Simulated Reality League, that is simulation of live sports.

The Artificial Intelligence that ultimately lays the foundation for simulated reality sports betting is continuously being optimized and expanded. Thus, virtual and simulated games are not a complete novelty on the market, but it is at least new how actively they are advertised by betting providers and how rich in detail they are offered. It can therefore also be assumed that providers will consistently continue to work on their strategy as well as AI to enable the most realistic results possible.

There are already many new eSports, virtual and real live sports solutions:

  • Betting on eSports/cybersports: right now available FIFA 20, NBA 20, and there is an option to connect all the most popular games on a separate request, for example: DOTA, LOL, Overwatch, CS: GO and others;
  • Simulated Reality or SRL is a virtual simulation of real soccer using artificial intelligence, this product is as close to the real soccer match in all respects;
  • Real live events behind the closed doors through live streaming!

The passion for the rolling ball is something that every sports fan has within him. a company specialized in calculating odds and applications for sports betting, has announced the launch of SRL Football, a virtual soccer product. The application will not only reflect the shape and style of play of the real teams but the calendar will faithfully follow the original one.
Simulated Reality betting is an event that is played like a regular soccer game or other match. It has a duration of 90 minutes plus injury time and is simulated in every detail by the betting provider. In each minute, events such as duels or goal kicks take place, which are evaluated according to the records and their statistical probabilities.

That means a lot of calculations and dealing with statistics in the background, you know it yourself as a betting fan of real soccer. You can follow the virtual processes of the simulation, and some betting providers offer live betting as a response to current game developments. Large sports betting operators in particular have a high level of computing power behind each simulation, so that an abundance of events and developments ensure an absolutely realistic game feeling.

Explanation on what is the Simulated Reality League and how it works?

To help you improve the quality of your experience, of cricket, soccer and tennis was introduced. So, what is Simulated Reality League? With the help of artificial intelligence, the game becomes as similar as possible to real matches in every way. Simulated Reality matches will be provided in the format of a regular 2×45 minute soccer match, and tournament titles will indicate that these matches are simulated and not a real-world event. Nevertheless, our comprehensive live odds and pre-match and real-time simulated events allow customers to feel as close as possible to the real situation, to the real event.

Basically, Simulated Reality is based on the extensive sports and know-how that Sportradar has been providing and acquiring for many years. It is about simulated games, of the most important European soccer leagues. For the virtual sport to be as close to reality as possible, more than 50,000 data sets from the past as well as other statistical results are used. Only in this way is it possible to provide the sports betting fan with a very realistic experience.

All simulated duels reflect the respective team form as well as the current events themselves. Thus, past values and current game events logically flow into the course of the encounters. In short, the sports betting fan can look forward to a top-class simulation. To reveal this, SR Sportcenter relies on the use of a live match tracker.

For example, within the 1st Bundesliga, nine duels are played on one matchday. Here Betradar really sticks to the time schedule of the respective “real” Bundesliga match day. One match will be played on Friday at 20:30. Another five matches will follow on Saturday at 15:30 and another at 18:30. The last two pairings will then take place on Sunday at 15:30 and 18:30. For this reason, there should be plenty of variety and entertainment throughout the weekend.

How to bet on Simulated Reality League: betting options

Sport games in reality simulation is an artificial intelligence-driven product that provides smooth matches that are as close to real games as possible. The SRL soccer matches use historical information from more than 50,000 games to create realistic events based on statistical data. These matches are full 90-minute competitions and will include live betting on Simulated Reality League score with the same match tracking features you’ve come to know with the real matches. All encounters are in the soccer betting section and they currently offer the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, and La Liga, and more. Choose from up to 50 pre-match markets for each match, including Asian handicaps, cards, halftime markets and many more.

Bookmakers offer more than 50 pre-match or in-play markets for each simulated soccer encounter in 2021, which will then of course also be available for Parimatch customers to choose from. These include the popular three-way sports bet (1, X, 2), next goal, both teams score, over/under bets and correct result. Tennis section offers around 30 markets to wager on, while cricket features a bit less options. The selection is thus very broad and leaves nothing to be desired.

If you are used to normal betting and are now thinking about SRL betting, a change is inevitable. It is true that the virtual matches are comparable to conventional games in terms of the process. Nevertheless, every sports bettor knows that it is actually just a simulation. Therefore, it is all the more important to make sure that the virtual games are simulated safely and reliably and that there is no manipulation of the data and the course of the game.

For this reason, you should pay attention to the seriousness of the provider for simulated reality betting. A sportsbook should be officially licensed and convince you with a strong customer service and a wide range of bets. Roughly speaking, if you trust a well-known and certified platform for regular betting, like Parimatch, you can do the same for simulated reality betting. Before signing up with a new bookmaker, check how reputable it is and what ratings it has received on the Internet. This is the best way to ensure that you will enjoy an absolutely safe and reputable gaming experience when betting on Simulated Reality League.

How to find the latest Simulated Reality Score and betting modes

Simulated Reality sports betting builds on this basic idea of a more complex variant of a game of chance, but is much more complex and closer to real gambling. This is already shown by the Simulated Reality League table scheduling, as the virtual matches do not take place every few minutes. Instead, the betting providers stick to the actual IPL match schedule in their simulated reality bets, so a maximum of one or two league matches per team take place per week. The data sets for evaluating the virtual matches are also more extensive and ensure an absolutely realistic simulation with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

Another special feature of Simulated Reality sports betting is the handling of the game itself. you can even follow the games live! Of course, there are no real players playing on the pitch, in the hall or on a sports field, but many providers offer you a ticker, just as it would be available at a real match. You will receive a lot of relevant information and you can see for yourself what is going on in the game. In addition, you can use the ticker as an opportunity for other simulated reality bets, for example, those that you place directly live on the platform.

There are several sports statistics services providing already SRL scores, but, the number one site with SRL statistics is its native Simulated Reality Sportcenter. On this site you can find the complete current Simulated Reality League standings as well as the results of all the last matches. Moreover, when you click on the current IPL match (or soccer or tennis match), you can see either the field or score data updated in real time.

Pre-match betting is the traditional form of betting that you know from conventional sports betting. The bookmakers set their odds for win, loss and many special bets for the scores in advance. Place your bets on these simulated reality bets, at the moment of the virtual whistle the possibility of placing bets ends. Throughout the match you can only hope that your previously made decisions were correct.

For many bettors, the most important part of sports betting is the thrill of watching the match. Simulated reality is no exception, which is why many platforms rely on live betting. With these, you can place your bets during the match, with changing odds awaiting you depending on how the game develops. Simulated reality betting of this kind is currently establishing itself with more and more providers, whereby the odds are created by experienced bookmakers with technical support in the virtual simulation.

Conclusion: last considerations

To what extent the Simulated Reality League can hold its own against the real competitions will become clear in future. However, it can definitely be stated that this is a welcome alternative to place sports bets on a simulated league result at Parimatch, for example. In the this article it was explained what SRL betting is. It was show how it works and what you have to consider when placing a bet.

One thing to bear in mind, with simulated reality Cricket betting you should not overdo it with your stakes, because this is not real sports betting but rather pure gambling where the outcome is hardly predictable. Simulated reality sports betting can be an alternative to normal sports betting, but should definitely be considered more of a gamble and played with caution.

Thus, although the championship in a virtually simulated league is not worth as much as a real championship in real life, for you and other sports enthusiasts it is a super extension. Over time, it can therefore also be assumed that bookmakers will consistently expand their own portfolio, for example, with new leagues or simply new sports. Especially other popular sports, such as baseball, field hockey, American football or handball, also lend themselves to simulated betting.


There is a wealth of data records for every club worldwide, which are used as a basis for the gaming behavior in Simulated Reality sports betting. The current season is included as well as results and game tactics of the last years and decades for producing Simulated Reality League predictions. This applies in general and in particular to games against the particular team that forms a current pairing in Simulated Reality betting.

Perhaps a club traditionally plays very defensively against certain teams, is particularly strong away from home or has its favorite opponents. This and much more information can be found in tens of thousands of data records, which are used as the basis for virtual sports betting.

What leagues are available to bet on the Simulated Reality League?

At the moment, the development is still limited to the sports of soccer, tennis and cricket. Absolutely understandable, since these are the most popular disciplines among sports betting fans. However, the developer has already announced that other sports live betting such as volleyball and basketball will follow, which will then of course also benefit Parimatch customers.

Basically, the top European leagues from Germany, England, Spain, Italy, and France are available for betting in Simulated Reality League live mode. But also, the first division from Russia, Brazil, the USA and Australia are offered. In addition, there are also top European competitions at club and country level. As for cricket, one can check out daily Big Bash and IPL matches.

What are available bets on SRL: single, combination and system bets?

The range of SRL bets is constantly growing, as are the types of bets that can be placed. If you are hoping for particularly high payouts on simulated reality bets, combination and system bets should not be missing. These are also available at most SRL betting providers and can be placed as pre-match bets or live bets. Combine several virtual betting events into a single sports bet, whose total odds are created by multiplying the individual odds. Or you can use a familiar system for Simulated Reality sports betting, where even single wrong predictions still result in a bet payout.

Combining several Simulated Reality bets into one total bet is under discussion among many bettors, both on virtual and in real life matches. Some wager by sports betting exclusively on single bets. Others like to take the risk of combined bets and hope to achieve a particularly high final odd. Even with simulated reality bets, check which variants correspond to your preferences and make this dependent on your willingness to take risks and the balance in your betting account.

What is the best website for SRL Betting?

Cricket has traditionally been a favorite sport in India with matches played every day, and Parimatch supports that tradition with its Simulated Reality League offerings. Place your pre-match and live bets on this exciting virtual game right now!

In order to wager on the new Simulated Reality bets at Parimatch, you will of course need a betting account with the provider. Not yet a customer? Then register now. New customers start their betting adventure at Parimatch Simulated Reality betting with a whopping +100% welcome bonus. Terms and conditions apply.